Culture Is My Livelihood

Mary’s Story
Mary Yager
When I was thirteen my mother gave me a paperback copy of Bess Streeter Aldrich’s A Lantern in Her Hand. The book told the story of a girl who grows up in the Nebraska Territory in the late 1800s.We had just moved from Nebraska to California, and the gift may have been my mother’s way of encouraging me to know and appreciate my heritage on the plains. It worked! I developed a love for history, Nebraska, and reading.

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Arts Management Is My Livelihood

Marjorie’s Story
Though I was majoring in art history as an undergraduate, I knew I didn’t want to apply my passion for the arts towards a curatorial or teaching career. When it came time to do my practicum for my major, my professors suggested (since I was also getting an emphasis in business administration) that I pursue an arts administration internship.

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Lifelong Learning Is My Livelihood

Chris’ Story
I did not fully discover the powerful draw of the humanities until college.

I started out at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as an engineering major, thinking that was the professional path I wanted to pursue. As I  slogged through calculus, chemistry, and other engineering-related courses, I realized that history, literature, and political science were the subjects I really loved and flourished in. What began as academic misery transformed into sheer joy once I made the transition to the College of Arts and Sciences midway through my sophomore year.

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Community Theater Is My Livelihood

Nicole’s Story
Nicole 1992
As a child, I was blessed to have access to live professional theater in my small hometown in Iowa. I was also blessed to have a mother with Community Theater in her background and who recognized the importance of exposing her daughters to theater and art opportunities.

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