Painting and Dancing Are My Livelihood

Emily’s Story
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been painting and dancing. For me, the two art forms go hand-in-hand. Both modes of expression have a history that has developed over time Emily Jordan Paintings while still maintaining their relevance in the world. Both art forms allow the artist to express their deepest self in the most pure and honest way. They are almost one in the same, because with dancing you are painting the space around you with your body, and with painting your hand that holds the brush and the flick of your wrist that paints the canvas is a dance in itself.

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Creative Expression Is My Livelihood

Mikala’s Story
Do not for the sake of doing, but for the sake of feeling. That’s my mantra. 

In the realm of inspiration and art and beauty, there are few words more overused than Mikala Harden“creativity.” And yet here I am—a supposed writer for hire—telling you that I feel alive through creative expression. It’s what I dedicate my life to. For me, it can be a number of different things…listening to music, songwriting, painting, writing, imagining, experiencing.

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Louder Than a Bomb Contest!

Louder Than a Bomb is Nebraska’s largest youth poetry festival. As a Nebraska Writers Collective initiative, this festival encourages a friendly competition that emphasizes self-expression and community via poetry, storytelling, and hip-hop spoken word.

In the spirit of the Louder Than a Bomb finals this weekend, we’re GIVING AWAY signed, limited edition of Ted Kooser’s Lights on a Ground of Darkness to one lucky winner!

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Building Community Is My Livelihood

Making Meaning: Heather’s Story
These things inspire me: Thomas Jefferson’s design for the Rotunda at the University of Virginia, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen’s sculpture “Torn Notebook” on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Willa Cather’s brilliant novel of loss and survival on the Great Plains, My Antonia. Architecture, art, history, and literature all make meaning in our lives. Whether we know it or not, whether we recognize it or not, they frame our outlook and inform our understanding of the world around us."Torn Notebook" by Coosje van Bruggen

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Livi’s Story

What would you do to ensure a livelihood for the arts and humanities? We know someone who loves them so much, she is embarking on a dangerous quest to make sure they flourish.

Meet Livi:


Metal Sculpting Is My Livelihood

Nic’s Story
I was seven years old when I took my father’s drill apart to see how it worked, only to find that I couldn’t put it back together well enough to see it ever work again. He was upset of course, but his frustration was quickly turned when he found out I had used, or misused a large portion of his lumber to build a three wheeled bike I had designed in a dream.

Throughout my childhood I had moments of clarity through creation, through artistic expression. Living in the country offered me hours upon hours to explore the world around me…without parental supervision. But like many small-town boys in the Midwest, I had a lot of sports to play…and creating things faded from my reality, becoming just a dream.

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