Imagination Is My Livelihood

Dana’s Story
Like nearly all children, I was (and still am) the kind that loves to draw out the things and Dana Oltman Sauvageideas that come to mind. Back then, if there was any sort of blank surface, it would be drawn on. When paper wasn’t around, the walls had to suffice. I got in trouble for that, so I wouldn’t recommend that route, but for me, trying to capture my imagination and make it real made it completely worth it. Those childhood days of crayons and markers and chalk was where it all began for me.

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Chautauqua Contest!

Organized by Humanities Nebraska, the Chautauqua Series brings workshops, presentations, and other activities for children and adults across the state in celebration of heritage and political and cultural happenings. This year’s theme is Free Land? 1862 and the Shaping of Modern America.
Book Cover

In the spirit of the upcoming Chautauqua series happening across Nebraska this month, we’re GIVING AWAY two signed copies of I Am a Man: Chief Standing Bear’s Journey for Justice by Joe Starita. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling us who you are looking forward to presenting underneath the Chautauqua tent and why!

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Social Studies Is My Livelihood

Kristi’s Story
I was about seven years old when the teacher at my one-room school suggested that I read Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It seemed really daunting at first, but soon I was totally engrossed in the story of Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and Baby Carrie starting a life in a place not that far from where I called home. I made a little nook for myself on the floor of the walk-in closet in the bedroom my little sister and I shared and missed many different calls for supper that first evening!Little House on the Prairie

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Tribal Culture Is My Livelihood

Taylor’s Story Taylor Keen photo 3
Our identity is everything to us as human beings. I was born into two tribes, the Omaha, and the Cherokee. I was adopted at birth into the earthen Bison clan (Black Shoulder or Inke’cabe). My name is Ba’gee-zha, which means Bison Mane, literally, but refers to the transformation of an alpha male whose head and neck enlarge dramatically as he must physically fight for the vitality of the tribe. Our goal as Omaha Indians is to live up to the metaphor of our names so that our tribe will thrive. I will spend my life trying to live up to my name for my tribe.

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Louder Than a Bomb Is My Livelihood

Matt’s Story
Louder Than a Bomb is a festival where high school poets compete with their poetry. Yes, I know this sounds ludicrous. It kind of is. Which is why it’s so much fun.

Run by the nonprofit Nebraska Writers Collective, schools and organizations send teams LTaB who have been writing and working on performance with a coach for anywhere from one to nine months. They all get two preliminary bouts and maybe a “post-season” of semi-finals and finals bouts where they put up four individual poems and one group poem (written and performed by four team members) against three other teams. After each poem, judges chosen from the audience hold up numbers from zero to ten and, at the end of the night, determine a winner.

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