Music Is My Livelihood

Hector Anchondo photoHector’s Story
When I was sixteen I lived on a farm in Missouri in a densely-forested area. We grew up mostly without cable TV because the lines didn’t reach out as far as we lived. There were a few times when my mother got satellite (you know, the old school kind that looked like you were trying to dial Mars), and from that we were able to get TV briefly. Where we lived there were large iron deposits in the ground, so it would be only a matter of weeks to months before the satellite was struck by lightning and we were abruptly thrown back into a world excluded from the rest of the planet.

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Playwriting Is My Livelihood

Beau’s Story
What are you going to do with all those voices in your head?

If you’re lucky enough there’s just one: yours…but then in pops your mother reminding you to eat your vegetables. “Remember the Golden Rule,”quips your favorite elementary teacher. Then there’s that Lemonheads song you can’t stop humming…oh, and that movie quote that reminds you of something your college roommate used to say…and she always said the craziest things.Beau Berry photo 2

Everyone (crazy or not) has voices in their head and that is where my livelihood begins.

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All for the Match Campaign Update!

Thanks to the generous gift of one million dollars from the John W. Carson Foundation, we are one third of the way to reaching our All for the Match campaign goal!

This gift not only ensures a future livelihood for the arts and humanities in Nebraska, but also ensures Livi’s safety! Remember Livi, the charming, courageous piggy bank on a mission to help us reach our goal and culture antagonist Hammy in the process? The recent one million dollar gift meant that Hammy had to attend the Chautauqua workshops and presentations in June.

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Co-creation Is My Livelihood

Ryan’s StoryThe Apollon
The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was rich. In my family, there were two distinct sides—the haves and the have nots. My parents worked in public education, so you can guess which side we were on. It seemed to me that the haves—the oil executives, the software moguls, and the investment bankers—in the family had an easier time of it.

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The Lessons of Art Are My Livelihood

Jody Boyer (Untitled Forest of the Trees)

Untitled (Forest for the Trees) by Jody Boyer

Jody’s Story
As a teenager I loved art and science. The pressure that art was not a career led me to believe science was the logical choice to pursue. So I left the arts behind and went off to college. Not long after, I ran into a different set of life’s pressures. When I was only twenty years old, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I left college to help him navigate the trials of treatment and the tribulations of being told there was little to nothing that science could do. During this time he gave me a camera and I started putting my energy back into the arts. Science and art are both about observation. They are both about discovering and making meaning. I learned that life is not practical. Life is not always logical. Life is more often than not a poetic mess. As artists and scientists we strive to make sense from that mess. We strive to find solutions to the problems we are presented and ways of making order and beauty from the complexities of our world. 

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Audio/Video Is My Livelihood

Nate’s Story
When you think about what it means to make something, your mind usually drifts to the Nate Gasawaytangible items that are created every day: a bridge, an automobile, a painting. But my livelihood revolves around making things that are not tangible. Audio and video create an experience, a feeling, and hopefully a reaction. As a video producer, I use cameras, music, and computers to try to create an experience and give a viewer the opportunity to connect with a brand.

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