Vintage Fashion Is My Livelihood

Susan’s Story
I have a passion for Vintage Fashion!

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to play dress up. My mother influenced me with her love of old things. As a result, vintage clothing has developed into much more than a hobby for me. Vintage clothing helps me connect to the women from the past. There is something undeniably special about the care they took in their appearance and the clothing they wore. Almost thirty years ago, I began furnishing my home with vintage belongings. What started out with a pair of high top boots, a white summer dress, and hat has now matured into a collection of more than one thousand pieces, ranging from the 1840s to the 1970s.

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Collage Art Is My Livelihood

Bradley’s Story
Livelihood can be defined as the means of securing the necessities of life. I earn my living arranging waves of boxes into very thin long lines, which flow from city to city, state to state across the nation; coordinating intermodal containers for the Union Pacific Railroad. And while I have a career in logistics that provides my financial means, it is actually my art making that has provided me the drive, purpose and creative release that has so enriched living this life.

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Author Visits Are My Livelihood

Erika’s Story
I was in 6th grade at Morley Elementary in Lincoln when my teacher announced that Ivy Ruckman would visit our school. She had just published Night of the Twisters, a book that amazed me because it wasn’t remote and it wasn’t entirely imaginary. It was about an event that I remembered in a city not too far away.

This was groundbreaking for me. Since 2nd grade, I’d been writing about haunted houses and mysteries and dragons in places far from Nebraska. Night of the Twisters encouraged me to imagine new stories closer to home.

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