Fashion Design Is My Livelihood

Buf’s Storyimage001
I am a fashion designer.

I am so much more than that, though. I am simultaneously a designer, coordinator, seamstress, manager, parent, partner, doughnut-eater, Sherlock enthusiast, and plenty more. Some of those are more important than others, but many require a great deal of time and energy.

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Textiles Are My Livelihood

Carolyn’s Story
My passion for textiles began before I really can remember. My earliest memories are watching my mother’s hands fly as she fed fabric under the needle on her sewing machine. I was sure she was going to catch her finger instead of fabric!

My father couldn’t pound a nail into the wall without hurting himself, so Mom was also in charge of all home repairs. I was her assistant. I learned how to take her sewing machine and the vacuum apart and oil all of the pieces. The small cupboard we constructed is still hanging in a corner in the house. As a teen I was embarrassed when, instead of buying an interesting item, Mom would ask if she could draw a pattern!

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Telling Stories Through Art Is My Livelihood

Watie White Exhibit

Watie’s Story
When I moved to Omaha from Chicago in 2006, I started getting opportunities to make art in public. One project was an operetta called The Blizzard Voices based on Ted Kooser’s collection of poems. It became a time sequence of charcoal drawings of figures and faces and landscapes that would pair well with the poetry. Then I started getting opportunities to do murals. One offer was for a simple mural of a tree in a middle school, but it wound up being very inspired by my experience with Jim Duignan of the Stockyard Institute, which specializes in arts-based interventions with at-risk youth in compromised neighborhoods. I asked myself how the mural could affect change and open these kids up to possibility.

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Louder Than a Bomb Is My Livelihood

The Louder Than a Bomb season ends in a friendly tournament which begins next week on March 19th at UNL. Matt Mason, Executive Director of the Nebraska Writers Collective expounds upon the program in this re-blogging. For more about this years competition go to

Hair Design Is My Livelihood

Koren’s Storybefore and after example one
Throughout high school I thought I knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” I was planning to be a graphic designer for an advertising agency. I was even a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the advertising program at the college of Journalism and Mass Communications. I thought I knew where my life was headed and thought I had it all planned out. However, ever since I can remember, there has been a part of me very intrigued by the thought of being a hairstylist.

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