Freedom of Expression Is My Livelihood

Gerard’s Story
I come from a colorful culture. Everything was so vibrant: the talk, the walk, the art. I feel like that history gives me these senses to find things and information. When I was figuring out my path, it was about discovery. Discovering myself, others, peers. I’m studious, I’m a people watcher, and there’s a reason for it.

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Arts Education Is My Livelihood

Tom’s Story
At Metropolitan Community College, we believe creativity drives job creation, produces workforce growth, and fuels economic development. That’s why our visual arts classes combine creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship._DSC1105

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Clay and Fun Are My Livelihood

Iggy’s Story dotted-cone-2011-189x300
It started in Detroit as a kid when I took a class in ceramics. I was attracted to fire and heat and the fact that you need muscle to carry around the heavy clay. My instructor was someone I could ask questions of, like if certain ideas were good or if the piece could hold together structurally. He encouraged me to explore for myself whether it was going to work or not, and let failures be a natural part of the learning and creativity process.

I asked myself what was going to be fun for me and I decided I wanted to make my existence to revolve around creating with clay. And so I continued to push myself.

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Opera Is My Livelihood

Roger Weitz

Roger’s Story
I’ve enjoyed listening to, singing, and playing music for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Omaha, I sang in school and church as well as the Nebraska Children’s Chorus. I attended a small liberal arts college not particularly known for its music program and in addition to traditional entry-level courses also enrolled in private piano study, the freshman chorus, and a classical music appreciation class. What I thought were extra-curricular activities all served as gateway drugs and I became hooked. My appreciation class led to music history, which led to music theory. Chorus led to private voice study, which led to studying opera and song repertoire. Opera grabbed me with its enthralling and immersive combination of music, text, theatre and visual; I found the whole to be so much greater than the sum of its parts.

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