Looking is my Livelihood

Feature Image: Daisy Bullseye , 2013, pastel , 34×34


Burble, 2012, pastel, 42x40

Burble, 2012, pastel, 42×40

Kristin’s Story

I was raised by parents who were scientists and seekers, and who quietly encouraged me to recognize the expansiveness of everyday life. For our family, the joy was in the discovery rather than the containment. Continue Reading…

Origami Art is My Livelihood

Inspired by the Minden Opera House, 1891, and the community of downtown Minden, Neb., “Our Band” origami collage by Linda Stephen is part of the permanent collection of the Minden Opera House and is on display in the Minden Opera House lobby. “Our Band” (28” x 40”) is inspired by the community and talent of small towns.

Linda’s Story

The goal of my art is to celebrate both the festive and the quiet moments in our “everyday” lives – from the bustle of farmers’ markets to the rustle of corn leaves in a maze.

After college, I lived, worked and studied in Japan for seven years. Continue Reading…

Quality Family Time is My Livelihood

A Christmas Story: The Musical  Based on the motion picture, A Christmas Story now playing at The Rose through December 28, 2014.

Matthew’s Story

I remember seeing my grandmother and mother laughing so hard that tears spilled from their eyes.  We were witnessing a production of an obscure satire called The Hot Mikado.  I was seven years old and that is the only lingering image from my first experience attending professional theatre.  Years after my grandmother’s passing, that joyous mental picture is still one of my most cherished- seeing the people I love happy spending time together.  Giving others that same opportunity is my livelihood. Continue Reading…

A #Giving Tuesday Message From NCE Executive Director, Marian Fey

It’s been six months since I came to the Nebraska Cultural Endowment and I continue to be awed by the generosity of Nebraskans and their willingness to invest in the arts and humanities across the state. There is a basic understanding here that the grants and programs provided by Humanities Nebraska and the Nebraska Arts Council contribute to the overall well-being of communities, attract and retain young families, and provide a sense of character not always apparent in today’s world.

Continue Reading…