Remembering Is My Livelihood

 High Plains Trains

Brett’s Story

As a boy, coarse wheat fibers and tender corn silk in July were the threads which wove together the quilt that was my world. My playmates were weary and stoic cottonwoods, their arms apathetic even as I embraced them readily, and with love. Mine was the azure, and the gold, the brown of harvest and the green of spring, the sensual curve of a grass-hidden sandy dune whose advances were never seductively successful for a matrimony with trees. A skyscraper was a thunderhead, a subway the burbling creek. These, my muslin; the horizon, my patchwork. Continue Reading…

Missouri River Poem: Summer Shadows (detail)

Photography Is My Livelihood

Missouri River Poem: Summer Shadows (detail)

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Pat’s Story

An early definition of livelihood is “the quality or state of being lively.” When I am taking photographs in the hilly pastures of my family’s property in northeast Nebraska, I see the soft forms of the earth, the jagged lines of trees and grasses, and the changing textures and colors during different times of day and seasons. Continue Reading…

Aspiring To A Livelihood


Oliver’s Story

We live in exciting times. I watch the changing Nebraska environment and ambience and relish its growing complexity. On Thursday March 12, 2015 we had to choose between a Georgia O’Keeffe lecture at the Joslyn, a lecture on kimonos at the KANEKO and a potluck at Gallery 72 feting father and son artists, all were free, two came with food. As a professional historian I see accomplishments and unmet goals, both encouraging and disappointing. We have a crisis of abundance and a dearth of social resources, thus inequality of opportunity and income. Continue Reading…