Art Is My Livelihood

oh lord, not another piece of word art: if you’re buying this you have either taste or money

Material: Embroidered Cotton  15 x 12″, 2015. 

Jennifer’s Story:

In a warm, darkened room, during a slide presentation for a basic freshman drawing course, Professor Richard Wiegmann projected a line drawing by Matisse, and paused…. And I thought to myself, well, so what? Continue Reading…

Painting, Curating and Educating are my Livelihoods

Inheritance, acrylic on panel, 40″ x 30″, 2016

Jordan’s Story:

I wasn’t particularly good at drawing and painting through childhood, though I loved the activity, as many children do.  My energies were focused elsewhere, mostly singing in the choir, making mixed tapes and reading romance and mystery novels.  In high school all of that changed- I took a painting class and the messy world of representation and imagery opened up to me.  I’ve been engaged with it ever since. Continue Reading…

Light, Transparency, Color & Paper Is My Livelihood

The Ancient Ones

Cody’s Story

These words best describe my mixed media collage artwork. A majority of the pieces I have been working on for this art show look different depending on the light. If a light is shown through the paintings it changes the image and new images or colors appear. The rest of the pieces have transparent qualities that show multiple layers.  Continue Reading…

Painting Is My Livelihood

Celestial Navigation, 30 x 36, mixed media and acrylic on canvas

Bud’s Story

“Livelihood” is an alteration of the Middle English word, livelode, “course of life,” first recorded in the 15th century. And in that sense, painting is my “livelihood,” my course of life. “When all else fails, I always say, paint a flower,” I like to say. I’ve always loved art, artists, and their contributions to culture but only began working at it in 2004 at the age of fifty-three. I’d always wanted to be an artist –so after ending a long time career as a union organizer, I started painting day after day and night after night. Ten years and thirteen hundred plus paintings later, I’m still discovering creativity in myself that I thought I had, but needed to dig down to, reveal, and express. I am now semi-retired and paint whenever I can. I teach writing part time at Metropolitan Community College, maintain a social/political commentary blog, play my saxophone in an oldies rock and roll band and in a jazz quartet at my church, and sell the occasional painting.

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Telling Stories Through Art Is My Livelihood

Watie White Exhibit

Watie’s Story
When I moved to Omaha from Chicago in 2006, I started getting opportunities to make art in public. One project was an operetta called The Blizzard Voices based on Ted Kooser’s collection of poems. It became a time sequence of charcoal drawings of figures and faces and landscapes that would pair well with the poetry. Then I started getting opportunities to do murals. One offer was for a simple mural of a tree in a middle school, but it wound up being very inspired by my experience with Jim Duignan of the Stockyard Institute, which specializes in arts-based interventions with at-risk youth in compromised neighborhoods. I asked myself how the mural could affect change and open these kids up to possibility.

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Drawing Is My Livelihood

Bruce’s StoryBruce Arant Simpson's Sheep front cover
Each of us has an itch that needs to be scratched. I may be presuming a lot here, but good hygiene aside, I believe we all have a need—an “itch”—of one sort or another that’s woven into the fabric of who we are. My “itch” happens to be drawing. For as long as I can remember, drawing has been a companion that has entertained me, challenged me and maintained my sanity through the monotony of countless classroom lectures, business meetings and church services.

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