Being Inspired Every Day Is My Livelihood


Portraits ©Laurie and Charles

Laurie’s Story

From a very young age, my mother made conscious efforts to expose my siblings and I to the arts.  Of course at the time, I may not have even truly understood the profound impact that art classes, theater attendance, museum shows, would have. Continue Reading…

Self-expression Is My Livelihood

Ron’s Story

Having always had a camera since my early teens I never considered it an artistic tool but rather just a box that recorded events. That dramatically changed when I enrolled in a 9 week introductory digital photography class at Doane College while pursuing my undergraduate degree. After the second class I was thoroughly inspired to create artistic images that have evolved into mostly unique perspectives and abstract elements from the urban environment. Continue Reading…

Remembering Is My Livelihood

 High Plains Trains

Brett’s Story

As a boy, coarse wheat fibers and tender corn silk in July were the threads which wove together the quilt that was my world. My playmates were weary and stoic cottonwoods, their arms apathetic even as I embraced them readily, and with love. Mine was the azure, and the gold, the brown of harvest and the green of spring, the sensual curve of a grass-hidden sandy dune whose advances were never seductively successful for a matrimony with trees. A skyscraper was a thunderhead, a subway the burbling creek. These, my muslin; the horizon, my patchwork. Continue Reading…

Missouri River Poem: Summer Shadows (detail)

Photography Is My Livelihood

Missouri River Poem: Summer Shadows (detail)

This is a re-blog of this post originally published on May 6, 2013

Pat’s Story

An early definition of livelihood is “the quality or state of being lively.” When I am taking photographs in the hilly pastures of my family’s property in northeast Nebraska, I see the soft forms of the earth, the jagged lines of trees and grasses, and the changing textures and colors during different times of day and seasons. Continue Reading…

Light, Transparency, Color & Paper Is My Livelihood

The Ancient Ones

Cody’s Story

These words best describe my mixed media collage artwork. A majority of the pieces I have been working on for this art show look different depending on the light. If a light is shown through the paintings it changes the image and new images or colors appear. The rest of the pieces have transparent qualities that show multiple layers.  Continue Reading…

Todd Brown work

Somehow ,This Is My Livelihood

More and more, I have been describing myself as an artist.  I had always linked that title with some external indication, like income, publication, or time spent in the studio.  Only recently have I come to realize how integral every aspect of my life is to the portion of it which is art.  Removing or replacing any part of it might be detrimental to my process.  There is a balance that allows me to pay the bills while building my resume and exploring my ideas.  My background and work in graphic design has improved the ever growing need for marketing my work.  My construction background and workshop have allowed my photographic work to develop into sculpture.  Some of my first photo-shoots took place in the abandoned buildings that I was remodeling.  My inclination towards architecture leads me to photograph and create space.  This is my version of living an artistic life.  Everything is taken together.

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Dance Is My Livelihood

Red Tutu

Red Tutu

 Julian’s Story

From the time I was very young, I had this distinct notion that everyone early in life, first learned to crawl, then walk and then of course, dance and choreograph. I see movement, line, texture and gesture in music, art and everyday surroundings. I hear music and sound and see color, movement and gesture.

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The Lens Is Our Livelihood


Molly and Aaron’s Story
We’ve always loved video and film. Both of us. One of us loved to make films instead of handing in papers in school (Aaron) and the other grew up with a video camera always filming home movies (Molly). And we’ve always loved storytelling. One of us would act out movie plots in his room (Aaron) and the other would make her family act out plays (Molly). So it’s no surprise that together we found that we shared something artistically in common: video storytelling.

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