Fostering New Scripts Is My Livelihood

The Other Sewing Circle by Marie Amthor  (One Last Time, Just Us #4-photo by Roxanne Wach)

Beth’s Story

During my junior year of college I had the opportunity to intern for Dr. Amy Lane at the Omaha Community Playhouse for a new program she was developing called 21 & Over. The purpose of this program was to bring alternative, diverse and most importantly new stories to Omaha via staged readings. I quickly learned how important and fulfilling it is to expose audiences to new material and, while there will always be room for the Oklahoma’s and Macbeth’s, how producing new playwrights is vital to theater as a whole. Don’t get me wrong I love the classics and often find myself watching live shows, television favorites and movies over and over again but personally feel that contributing to the canon is a unique experience and one I treasure very highly!  Continue Reading…

Theatre is my livelihood


Pippa’s Story:

Theatre is my livelihood

                                                      My “Know I Should”                                                  

                                                     My “Always Would.”                                              

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Theatre Directing Is My Livelihood

The Drowsy Chaperone at Omaha Community Playhouse.  Photo by  Christian Robertson

Hilary’s Story



The word “livelihood” comes from a combination of two Old English words that translate to “life” + “course.” My lifecourse centers around theatre and the use of creative imagination. Continue Reading…

Quality Family Time is My Livelihood

A Christmas Story: The Musical  Based on the motion picture, A Christmas Story now playing at The Rose through December 28, 2014.

Matthew’s Story

I remember seeing my grandmother and mother laughing so hard that tears spilled from their eyes.  We were witnessing a production of an obscure satire called The Hot Mikado.  I was seven years old and that is the only lingering image from my first experience attending professional theatre.  Years after my grandmother’s passing, that joyous mental picture is still one of my most cherished- seeing the people I love happy spending time together.  Giving others that same opportunity is my livelihood. Continue Reading…

Theatre Is My Livelihood

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Recommended Reading For Girls – Two Dogs Photos

I sometimes have trouble throwing things away.  I still have this ratty (but exceedingly comfortable) t-shirt that I picked up in high school.  The lettering on the front reads, “If you love me, tell me a story.”  I like the simplicity of it.  It sounds like the truth.

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Theater Is My Livelihood

battle set

Joe’s Story
I have no theater background. I have no writing background. What I do enjoy is telling stories. As a lawyer, I do this professionally. The practice of law often boils down to effective storytelling with—if you are lucky—a little law to support the happy ending you hope to convey.

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Singing Is My Livelihood

Mary Carrick album cover for "Let's Fly"

Hooton Images

Mary’s Story
I grew up in a small Iowa town. My mother is a pianist, and my great grandmother, who lived with us for a time, was too. Piano filled the house. My parents were in the restaurant business and when I was very small we lived in an apartment upstairs. I’d sit on top of the bar while live music played in the lounge. I began Suzuki violin in kindergarten and later added other instruments. I discovered my voice in my teens and I knew I just had to sing.

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Opera Is My Livelihood

Roger Weitz

Roger’s Story
I’ve enjoyed listening to, singing, and playing music for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Omaha, I sang in school and church as well as the Nebraska Children’s Chorus. I attended a small liberal arts college not particularly known for its music program and in addition to traditional entry-level courses also enrolled in private piano study, the freshman chorus, and a classical music appreciation class. What I thought were extra-curricular activities all served as gateway drugs and I became hooked. My appreciation class led to music history, which led to music theory. Chorus led to private voice study, which led to studying opera and song repertoire. Opera grabbed me with its enthralling and immersive combination of music, text, theatre and visual; I found the whole to be so much greater than the sum of its parts.

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Storytelling Is My Livelihood

Mary’s Story
Ever since I was a child, storytelling has been a part of my life. Back then, it was an escape from getting into trouble—but usually the opposite happened. Having spent quite a bit of time in the coat closet at elementary school for “stretching the truth of a situation,” one would think I would have given up on this venture. Many were the times when the priests would lecture me in the confessional—guess it just didn’t soak in!Mary Henning

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