Playwriting Is My Livelihood

Beau’s Story
What are you going to do with all those voices in your head?

If you’re lucky enough there’s just one: yours…but then in pops your mother reminding you to eat your vegetables. “Remember the Golden Rule,”quips your favorite elementary teacher. Then there’s that Lemonheads song you can’t stop humming…oh, and that movie quote that reminds you of something your college roommate used to say…and she always said the craziest things.Beau Berry photo 2

Everyone (crazy or not) has voices in their head and that is where my livelihood begins.

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Chautauqua Contest!

Organized by Humanities Nebraska, the Chautauqua Series brings workshops, presentations, and other activities for children and adults across the state in celebration of heritage and political and cultural happenings. This year’s theme is Free Land? 1862 and the Shaping of Modern America.
Book Cover

In the spirit of the upcoming Chautauqua series happening across Nebraska this month, we’re GIVING AWAY two signed copies of I Am a Man: Chief Standing Bear’s Journey for Justice by Joe Starita. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling us who you are looking forward to presenting underneath the Chautauqua tent and why!

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Shakespeare Is My Livelihood

Mike’s Story
In my time as the managing director of the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, I was fortunate to witness countless examples of how the arts transcend the creative experience to touch and affect the rest of our lives—and, how public funding for the arts makes that possible.

Each night, I witnessed three to five thousand people, in rapt attention, listening to the Shakespeare Festivalwords of a man who lived four hundred years ago; words that still resonate today.

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Storytelling through Theater Is My Livelihood

Marty’s Story
When I was about twelve years old, my parents enrolled me in a drama class on Saturday mornings at the Joslyn Art Museum. For our class recital, our teacher, Mrs. Marx, took us through the galleries to select a painting to use as the topic for our final play, which we would author and perform as a group.

We chose the painting, “The Attic Door,” and our play became about a family who was threatened with losing their home due to the expansion of Interstate 480 (which was cutting a swath through old, established neighborhoods in Omaha at the time).

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Arts Management Is My Livelihood

Marjorie’s Story
Though I was majoring in art history as an undergraduate, I knew I didn’t want to apply my passion for the arts towards a curatorial or teaching career. When it came time to do my practicum for my major, my professors suggested (since I was also getting an emphasis in business administration) that I pursue an arts administration internship.

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Community Theater Is My Livelihood

Nicole’s Story
Nicole 1992
As a child, I was blessed to have access to live professional theater in my small hometown in Iowa. I was also blessed to have a mother with Community Theater in her background and who recognized the importance of exposing her daughters to theater and art opportunities.

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