Dance Is My Livelihood*

Ballet Nebraska Photo by Jim Williams

Erika’s Story

Dance is my livelihood. How lucky I am to be able to say that. It is something that I love. For me, dance is beautiful, challenging, inspiring, and fun.

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Writing is my Livelihood

leo 3

My interest in wordplay began in childhood. Growing up in North Omaha I found myself attracted to the wonder of certain words, usually multi-syllabic tongue twisters I heard television talking-heads wittily brandish. I also fell under the near fatal spell of alliteration.

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Artistic Textiles Are My Livelihood

Deborah’s Story
It all began while standing in line, with hundreds of others, outside the most beautiful pink building I had ever seen. I didn’t know where we were going or why we were there. I just knew it had to be very special since I was dressed in my pink mohair (Sunday!) coat and I was with my “Gammy.” We entered this special place, where we saw paintings, colors, and sculptures. I just wanted to stay there forever. Many years later, I found out we were there to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit that had traveled across the United States. And it was there where my love for the arts began.

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Storytelling through Theater Is My Livelihood

Marty’s Story
When I was about twelve years old, my parents enrolled me in a drama class on Saturday mornings at the Joslyn Art Museum. For our class recital, our teacher, Mrs. Marx, took us through the galleries to select a painting to use as the topic for our final play, which we would author and perform as a group.

We chose the painting, “The Attic Door,” and our play became about a family who was threatened with losing their home due to the expansion of Interstate 480 (which was cutting a swath through old, established neighborhoods in Omaha at the time).

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