U.S. President Abraham Lincoln sculpted by Daniel Chester French (1850–1931). 

Located at the State Capitol Building, Lincoln, NE

David’s Story

Did you know that a Nebraska lawyer, Frank M. Hall, played a role in the design of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.? I thought of Hall as I pondered how my life as a lawyer has intersected with the arts and humanities.

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The LUX Is My Livelihood

Photo Credit / The LUX

Jo Ann’s Story

My Livelihood is making art accessible to lots of different people.

The question most frequently asked is what medium I work in. Because I think I’m funny, I tell people I’m the chief bureaucrat of LUX Center for the Arts.   I’ve worked for a variety of non-profit organizations prior the LUX.  The commonality for me is trying to make the world around me just a little bit better. Somewhere along the road, that led me to art.

Making art is a perfect conduit for expression. It is a way to communicate that transcends language, age, or ability.  Just recently, I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with my husband’s 101-year-old uncle.  We planned a day that would easily tire someone half his age!  On our list was a tour through the LUX and the Sheldon.

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Creativity Is My Livelihood

Ann’s Story
Creativity is my livelihood. I have several jobs. I am a professional musician (a classical pianist), a teacher, and an artistic director of a major performing arts center. I am lucky each of these jobs is centered on music and the arts and I am given a tremendous amount of freedom to be as creative as I want to be.


The perks of being the artistic director at the Lied Center – you don’t have to go to a Trekkie convention to see “The Captain,” he comes to you!

As a pianist, the work centers on studying the composer and the piece in particular, and doing my best to eloquently communicate that to the audience. Most of the time, I select the program content, and creativity is a major part in developing the sensitive interpretation of the piece. Managing my own performance career requires a lot of creativity as well, particularly in fitting in tours or concerts within my “day-job” schedules.

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