Performing Is My Livelihood

Camille’s story

The stories often told to me as I was growing up always had to do with my insistence to sing…without knowing a song.  Perhaps it was from my musical mother who always hummed or sang songs as she did her household duties and certainly not from my tone-deaf father but singing was in my soul.  Since I knew no songs I would make up songs.  These were pathetic songs about sofas and bookshelves or anything else in my line of vision at the time.  However, no one discouraged me and in fact I was encouraged to keep singing my songs. Continue Reading…

Creative Expression Is My Livelihood

Mikala’s Story
Do not for the sake of doing, but for the sake of feeling. That’s my mantra. 

In the realm of inspiration and art and beauty, there are few words more overused than Mikala Harden“creativity.” And yet here I am—a supposed writer for hire—telling you that I feel alive through creative expression. It’s what I dedicate my life to. For me, it can be a number of different things…listening to music, songwriting, painting, writing, imagining, experiencing.

Continue Reading…