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Preserving Arts & Culture

Recognizing the need to preserve Nebraska’s long-standing tradition of arts and culture, a group of community leaders from across the state formed the Nebraska Cultural Endowment in 1998.

Nebraska Cultural Endowment is the first and only cultural endowment in the nation to sustain both arts & humanities through privately-supported and publicly-matched resources, made possible by our Nebraska Legislature.

Under current legislation, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment can match up to an additional $10 million in donations to its private endowment. It is our goal to continue growing these funds to enrich the lives of Nebraskans by raising the private contributions needed to match the State of Nebraska’s commitment.

Please contact our Executive Director to discuss how you can ensure an endless tradition of arts and humanities for generations to come.


All Nebraskans have access to the arts and humanities, today and for future generations. 



To cultivate a legacy of stability, advocacy and leadership for the arts and humanities in Nebraska.


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Amy Haddad, Omaha

Past President,
Rita Stinner, Scottsbluff/Gering

Vice President,
Sherrye Hutcherson, Omaha

David Buntain, Blair

Rich Vierk, Lincoln






Brenda Christensen, Omaha

Carey Hamilton, Omaha

Tami Hellman, Kearney

Candy Henning, Lincoln

Margaret Hornady-David, Grand Island

Marc LeBaron, Lincoln

Clay Smith, Lincoln

Luis Sotelo, Lincoln

Scott Williams, Norfolk

Director Emeriti

Jack Campbell, Lincoln

Murray Newman, Omaha

D. David Slosburg, Omaha

Ex-Officio Board Members

Mike Markey, Omaha
Executive Director, Nebraska Arts Council

Shari Hofschire, Omaha
Chair, Nebraska Arts Council

Christopher Sommerich, Lincoln
Executive Director, Humanities Nebraska

Mike Homa, Omaha
President, Nebraska Foundation for the Humanities

Advisory Council

Kit Dimon, Lincoln

Gloria Dinsdale, Palmer

Kim West Dinsdale, Grand Island

Kate Dodge, Omaha

J. Robert Duncan, Lincoln

Carol Gendler, Omaha

Steve Homan, Kearney

Sharon Marvin Igel, Omaha

Taylor Keen, Omaha

Hod Kosman, Scottsbluff

Karen Levin, Omaha

Marilyn & Earl Mitchell, Norfolk

Gretchen Peters, Gering

Paula Pflueger, Norfolk

Rob & Eileen Raun, Minden

Martha Richardson, Lincoln

Trixie Schmidt, Lincoln

Rhonda Seacrest, Lincoln

Todd D. Simon, Omaha

Gene Spence, Omaha

Sue & Tom Tallman, Lincoln

Mary Vaughan, Broken Bow

John F. Wiederspan, Lincoln

Gail Walling Yanney, Omaha

Lori Williams, Norfolk


Maggie Smith, Executive Director
   msmith@nebraskaculture.org | 402-595-2722

Julia Watson, Communications and Office Manager
   julia@nebraskaculture.org | 402-595-2722



Financials and Accountability

The Nebraska Cultural Endowment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which sustains Nebraska as a vibrant and culturally significant state by raising private endowment contributions, matched by public investment, to support arts & humanities programming statewide.

As of March 31, 2024, the State of Nebraska manages the Cultural Preservation Endowment Fund with a principal value of $14 million, and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment manages a privately held endowment fund of similar value.

While leaving the principal amounts intact, income from these funds makes a permanent impact by amplifying the work of the Nebraska Arts Council and Humanities Nebraska.

Logos & Ads

For the convenience of our partners, here are links to zip files that include the Nebraska Cultural Endowment logos and program ads that you can use to promote our support of your programs.