All for the Match Campaign Update!


Great news, Nebraska! We are pleased to share that we have received a $400,000 4:1 challenge grant from an anonymous donor that will help us reach our “All for the Match” campaign goal!

To meet the conditions of the grant, we need to raise $1.6M over the next three years to match the increase in the public fund that provides real time support of the arts and humanities across our great state.

This opportunity will not only ensure a future livelihood for the arts and humanities in Speakers and Board MembersNebraska, but also helps ensure Livi’s safety! Remember Livi, the charming, courageous piggy bank on a mission to help us reach our goal and enlighten antagonist Hammy in the process? The 4:1 challenge grant meant that Hammy had to attend the Governor’s Lecture in the Humanities, an annual event that demonstrates the importance of the humanities in public life.

During the Governor’s Lecture, Hammy listened as Pulitzer prize-winning author and historian Annette Gordon-Reed and collaborator Peter S. Onuf discussed their forthcoming book, Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of Imagination.

Sower Award

Sower Award recipient and livelihood blog contributor Jane Renner Hood

While Hammy was less-than-thrilled to attend his second humanities event, we were fortunate enough to capture the photo below when he didn’t realize we were watching. Is that a smile starting to form? Maybe this means there’s hope for him after all! Will Hammy overcome his reluctance and embrace that the arts and humanities have beautiful experiences to offer? Only time will tell!

Hammy & Livi

For more information about this matching grant opportunity, contact Pam Snow at