All for the Match Campaign Update!

Culture, Humanities

Thanks to the generous gift of one million dollars from the John W. Carson Foundation, we are one third of the way to reaching our All for the Match campaign goal!

This gift not only ensures a future livelihood for the arts and humanities in Nebraska, but also ensures Livi’s safety! Remember Livi, the charming, courageous piggy bank on a mission to help us reach our goal and culture antagonist Hammy in the process? The recent one million dollar gift meant that Hammy had to attend the Chautauqua workshops and presentations in June.

During Chautauqua, Hammy watched the portrayals of historical figures like Willa Cather, Ponca Chief Standing Bear, and Laura Ingalls Wilder and was encouraged to explore the impact of landmark legislation to immigrants, Native Americans, war veterans, women, and African Americans through the perspective of migration and displacement.

While Hammy wore a less-than-thrilled frown upon his face for most of the event, we were fortunate enough to capture the photo below when he didn’t realize we were watching. Is that a smile starting to form? Maybe this means there’s hope for him after all! Will Hammy overcome his reluctance and embrace that the arts and humanities have beautiful experiences to offer?

Only time will tell.

Campaign Update #1