Torch Singing Is My Livelihood


About 15 years ago while living in Chicago I came across an online article about fantasy occupations. In the men’s category on the top of the list were Airline Pilot and Professional Baseball Player. On the women’s list, the top fantasy occupation was Lounge Singer. I thought to myself, that’s what I do! There is […]

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Reception next week for statewide arts, humanities officials


Special to the Norfolk Daily News | Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 9:04 am The Norfolk Arts Center will be host to a reception next week designed to provide an opportunity for Norfolkans and area residents to meet representatives of three statewide cultural arts organizations. Special guests will be Marian Fey, the new executive director […]

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Writing is my Livelihood

Culture, Humanities

My interest in wordplay began in childhood. Growing up in North Omaha I found myself attracted to the wonder of certain words, usually multi-syllabic tongue twisters I heard television talking-heads wittily brandish. I also fell under the near fatal spell of alliteration.

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Fiction is my Livelihood

Culture, Education

As a farm boy, I was a spectacular failure. I wandered off from my chores, lost in imagination, mumbling to myself as I walked in circles. Today such a child would be drugged and counseled. My parents, however, let me roam; one of the paths I trod through a patch of weeds is still weedless […]

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Theatre Is My Livelihood


I sometimes have trouble throwing things away.  I still have this ratty (but exceedingly comfortable) t-shirt that I picked up in high school.  The lettering on the front reads, “If you love me, tell me a story.”  I like the simplicity of it.  It sounds like the truth.

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Arts Advocacy Is My Livelihood

Arts, Education

Gretchen Peters serves on the Advisory Board of the Nebraska Cultural Endowment. To learn more about what the NCE does: https://nebraskaculturalendowment.org/ There is something about hanging art on a wall in your house.  It reflects who you are, what you’re interested in, what you see as beautiful or provocative. It can hang there for a […]

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Fashion Design Is My Livelihood

Originally posted March 2014, read about fashion designer, Buf Reynolds on the cusp of presenting Phaesporia, a beautiful new collection that strikes a balance between art and fashion. To experience Buf’s collection go to http://omahafashionweek.ticketleap.com/phaesporia/ Omaha Fashion Week begins August 18 and runs through August 23, 2014. For more information: http://omahafashionweek.com/schedule/

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Celebrating Art Is My Livelihood

Arts, Culture, Education

Kara’s Story The art that our society as a whole creates, supports and preserves speaks for all time about who we are as a people right now at this time and in this place. I look at the art world from an art historian’s point of view and that obviously influences my opinion on the […]

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Dance Is My Livelihood

Arts, Education

 Julian’s Story From the time I was very young, I had this distinct notion that everyone early in life, first learned to crawl, then walk and then of course, dance and choreograph. I see movement, line, texture and gesture in music, art and everyday surroundings. I hear music and sound and see color, movement and […]

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The Symphony Is My Livelihood

Thomas’s Story My “aha moment” came very early. I was eight years old and went to an orchestra concert with my third grade class. I had never heard an orchestra before, and was fascinated by the sound and the person in front, who seemed to be shaping the sound from the middle of it all. […]

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