Collage Art Is My Livelihood


Bradley’s Story
Livelihood can be defined as the means of securing the necessities of life. I earn my living arranging waves of boxes into very thin long lines, which flow from city to city, state to state across the nation; coordinating intermodal containers for the Union Pacific Railroad. And while I have a career in logistics that provides my financial means, it is actually my art making that has provided me the drive, purpose and creative release that has so enriched living this life.

Back when I was just a kid, painting and making Xerox collages in art class in Power of Nine show high school, I never thought my art would reach anyone beyond the walls of my classroom. But something in those shapes and colors moved me. I found myself taking a night class, a drawing class, here and there, and staying connected to making art. Eventually, art became my motivation to want something more for myself, both in my art making and in my career. And so I continued to study art and art history throughout my college career.

In 2009 I earned my bachelor’s degree in studio arts from the University of Omaha. Since graduating, my life hasn’t been the same. My college degree unlocked the door to landing an operations coordinator position at Union Pacific Railroad. In turn, my logistics career has provided the way for my art to move up and on, in the gallery and studio. Today, art remains my first love and I continue to make digital collages, photographs and silk screen prints of the shapes and colors that motivated my adolescence. Overall, art has brought me the means and necessities of my livelihood.

About BradleyBradley Miller
Bradley Miller is an artist from Fort Collins, Colorado. He received his BA in studio arts from the University of Nebraska. His artwork has been shown nationally, including at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, Massachusetts and the Corning Center for the Fine Arts in Corning, Iowa. Bradley resides and works in Omaha, Nebraska.