Creating, Sharing, and Promoting Art Is My Livelihood

Wava’s Story

“Crown Jewel” – Porcelain vessel. Juried into the 45th Annual National All Media Show 2013.

Crown Jewel by Wava BestPorcelain vessel. Juried into the 45th Annual National All Media Show 2013.

What is my livelihood story? Creating, sharing and promoting Art is my livelihood. It started when I was about 4 years old: playing in a rain-soaked driveway, sitting in the mud, making little mud dishes. Little did I know that many years later I would become a painter, potter and songwriter. In high school my love for all of the arts never ceased as I was in choir, band, orchestra, and played the French horn. Although I didn’t start painting until after I was married and had two small children, the desire was always there. I have taken several college courses and many art workshops, but am basically self-taught.

After enrolling in a college ceramics class, I was hooked. I eventually purchased my own wheel and kiln and started producing wares for sale. Developing my own designs and glazes was always challenging but very
rewarding. I also enjoy teaching art, especially to children. They are so creative and they get a great deal of satisfaction and self-esteem from their work.

I have received many awards on the local, state and national level. Most recently I had a porcelain vessel juried into the 45th Annual National All media Exhibition at the Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames, Iowa. I also recently illustrated a youth-level novel authored by Barbara Eymann Mohrman, The Dust Covered Days of Dorie Archer. It takes you back in time to the dust bowl days during the 1930s and shares family stories. I believe that any of the art disciplines can enrich everyone’s lives and can give a since of self satisfaction and calm to every day living.

About Wava

Wava Best

Photo by Carlos Frey

Wava and her husband Tom live in North Platte. They have three daughters and five grandsons. She is past president of the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs and founding member and current board member of the Creativity Unlimited Arts Council in North Platte who are renovating the 1913 Federal building to become the Prairie Arts Center.

Wava is a member of IMPACT, a group of professional Nebraskan artists who exhibit their work on a regional and national level.

She was named “Woman of Achievement in the Cultural Arts” for her work as co-chair of the “Community Unity Tile project,” working with the community of North Platte to design and glaze tiles for five towers that are throughout the city.