Food Art Is My Livelihood


Matthew’s Story
I began my creative journey at a young age. Growing up in a musical family, it wasn’t long before I developed a love of art in the form of theatre, music and visual art. We often took food platefamily vacations centered on museums, art galleries and concert halls. Eight years ago, my life changed forever when I discovered a passion for cooking. Creating beautiful and delicious food became a new artistic outlet.

When I prepare a dish, several elements play a crucial role. The first is how it will look on the plate. Plate appearance is just as important as how it tastes. It is not enough to have well balanced food that has different textures and appropriate seasoning; it must also look beautiful and appetizing.

The plate is the palate and color is the component. I prefer a plain white plate where the food is the focal point. Food color plays an important role here. I like to dust plates with different colored and flavored powers. In addition, different colored gastriques also work to food plateadd a new flavor as well as fantastic color.

I believe that the fine and performing arts are absolutely necessary for a well-balanced world view, and to me food is just as important. My family would always go out to eat before a show, or visiting a gallery. Beautifully presented, well-seasoned food always sets the stage for the art to come.

The next time you are in a restaurant, take a moment to admire the edible art on your plate. Or better yet, take a photo. That way you can relive the experience again and again.

About Matthematt headshotw
Matthew Roush is as comfortable with a guitar or drum set as he is in the kitchen. Growing up in a musical family taught him the passion of art and music, and at an early age he developed the soul of an artist. Roush studied Culinary Arts at Southeast Community College in Lincoln. 

In early 2012, he met Chef Kevin Shinn of Bread & Cup who helped Roush embrace the farm-to-table concept. He loves nothing better than creating a menu from ingredients picked or rendered that same day. Roush currently serves as Chef de Cuisine at Bread & Cup.