Music Is My Livelihood

Hector Anchondo photoHector’s Story
When I was sixteen I lived on a farm in Missouri in a densely-forested area. We grew up mostly without cable TV because the lines didn’t reach out as far as we lived. There were a few times when my mother got satellite (you know, the old school kind that looked like you were trying to dial Mars), and from that we were able to get TV briefly. Where we lived there were large iron deposits in the ground, so it would be only a matter of weeks to months before the satellite was struck by lightning and we were abruptly thrown back into a world excluded from the rest of the planet.

During one of the limited times we did have TV, I was able to get MTV. I saw this band playing a rock ballad. They looked wild and their sound was amazing! It was nothing like the country, Mexican mariachi, or blues that I had heard before. The band was Guns ‘N Roses. When the lead guitarist stepped out in front of the church and started playing the solo, I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

Music is my livelihood and my passion. I keep going because I hope to touch someone’s soul like Guns ‘N Roses touched mine. Anytime I evoke emotion, smiles, dancing, hootin’ and hollerin’, or inspire new generations of musicians, a little more of my dream comes true.

About HectorHector Anchondo Profile
Hector Anchondo is a traveling musician and artist born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in the Ozarks. Between his two bands, Anchondo and Hector Anchondo Band, he’s recorded six of his own albums and various cameo recordings. He has been touring since 2001. His music has been on radio, television, and internet radio podcasts. He’s based out of Omaha, Nebraska, and when not traveling he teaches at Russo’s Guitar Center, Concordia Junior & Senior High Schools, and out of his home.