Creative Expression Is My Livelihood

Mikala’s Story
Do not for the sake of doing, but for the sake of feeling. That’s my mantra. 

In the realm of inspiration and art and beauty, there are few words more overused than Mikala Harden“creativity.” And yet here I am—a supposed writer for hire—telling you that I feel alive through creative expression. It’s what I dedicate my life to. For me, it can be a number of different things…listening to music, songwriting, painting, writing, imagining, experiencing.

There is no greater feeling than the feeling of euphoria. And that’s the gift that the arts and culture and my surroundings give me. Whether it’s taking a risk, exploring the unknown, freeing the creative urges within, or listening to my favorite playlist (of the week), I embrace the feeling when it’s present. It’s how I feel alive.

About MikalaMikala Harden
Mikala Harden is the creative writer at Rebel Interactive, a digital branding agency in the heart of the Silicon Prairie. Mikala collaborates with clients to create content strategies, bring brand voices to life across all communications, and manage social media.