Lincoln Journal Star, Letter, 8/9/2016 : Remembering Crosby

Arts, Culture, Government

It was with sadness that we noted the passing of LaVon Crosby (“Crosby, beloved state senator, dies,” July 28). LaVon was a treasured legislator but she was much more than that. She will be remembered as an effective voice in the legislature but more so as a beloved lady and friend. She was the godmother of the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, which she remembered as her proudest accomplishment. It was her primary bill and was ushered into fruition.

The NCE is a unique cooperative program joining public and private funds for ongoing support to the Nebraska Arts Council and Humanities Nebraska. This assures underlying support for the cultural programs of Nebraska into perpetuity. There is not other program like this anywhere else. So like Nebraska!

LaVon’s legacy will include this enduring and endearing present to the perpetual enhancement of the culture of our state.

In this day of political unrest, she would be an example of what strength of purpose and gracious cooperation can accomplish for the betterment of all.

Jack D. Campbell, Lincoln

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