Theatre is my livelihood

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Pippa’s Story:

Theatre is my livelihood

                                                      My “Know I Should”                                                  

                                                     My “Always Would.”                                              

Theatre is my childhood dream

My youthful scheme

My only theme.


Theatre is my lifelong Friend

My journey’s End

My great Pretend.


Theatre is my uphill climb

My challenge time

My tricky rhyme.


Theatre is my favorite place

My frantic pace

My frightening race.


Theatre is my every day

My winding way

My dazzling ray.


Is this sentimental cant?

A silly rant?

A selfish chant?

Ah well, so be it.  It still is good.

When theatre is your livelihood.


Pippa White, March 27, 2016


About Pippa

Pippa White turned to solo performing in 1994.  Prior to that, she had an extensive career in theatre and television on the West Coast.  She calls her One’s Company Productions “part theatre, part storytelling, part history.”  Audiences call them unique, captivating and touching.

Pippa White has been a teaching artist with the Nebraska Arts Council for 17 years. She enjoys teaching students how to find the story in ‘hiStory’, by helping them create dramatic, historical monologues. This requires research, writing, oral interpretation, and performance, all in one project! She also enjoys coaching speech teams, helping with school productions, and helping secondary students understand and enjoy Shakespeare. Last but not least, Pippa enjoys choral reading, introducing students to the wonderful world of poetry for performance. Pippa has 15 one-woman shows with the Nebraska Touring Program, many of which are suitable for young audiences, and many of which fit into the school curriculums.

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