Cultural Awareness Strengthens Community

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The face of Nebraska is constantly changing. We are a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees, and the number of people in Nebraska with a racial identity other than white is becoming a larger piece of the increasingly colorful pie that is our population. This highlights a wonderful opportunity to invest in intercultural awareness and appreciation.

African Culture Connection (ACC) captures this opportunity by helping students of all backgrounds develop pride and learn how to express themselves. Through drumming, dancing, and storytelling, students learn the powerful impact that African culture has made on American society.

Residency programs from ACC primarily serve the underserved students in Omaha Public Schools. Many of these students have at least one parent who is an immigrant. With the help of grants from the Nebraska Arts Council, ACC responded to recent challenges by developing programs of E-learning and online engagement. “These programs allowed us to stay connected to our students,” said the organization’s Director, Charles Ahovissi.

Taryn, a participant shared, “After finishing ACC, I am most proud of myself for EVERYTHING!!” Another participant, Candence, said, “Now I can dance in front of my class without getting picked on.”

Students and teachers alike comment about how much they enjoy the programs and that the in-school residencies help students succeed in life beyond the classroom. ACC shares a cultural awareness that deepens the very fabric of Nebraska’s increasingly global community.

Through your visionary support of the NCE, you keep students connected and globally aware…today and for future generations.