Translating Beauty Is My Livelihood

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Over and Under, acrylic, paper and graphite on wood, 24”x 24” x 1.5”   Michelle’s Story I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, where art has been important part of my life from an early age. When I was a young child, my Mom saw my need for creative expression through art. She took me too […]

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Creativity Is My Livelihood

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2012 New Music, Omaha Symphony Adam’s Story I grew up in the sandhills of Nebraska, surrounded by dairy cows, prairie grass, cowboy bars and fuzzy antenna television.  Imagination and creativity were my playthings by necessity and were encouraged by parents who taught me to be expressive and bold.

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Omaha Gives! 2015


Omaha Gives! is an annual 24-hour charitable challenge to benefit metro-area nonprofits. This community give-together begins at midnight on May 20 with a minimum gift of only $10.

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My Livelihood Adds Sparkle To My Days

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  Dorothy’s Story I believe my livelihood began at the age of four years when I stated that I wanted to be a teacher. To reach that point, I studied in school, graduated at the age of sixteen, took twelve hours of summer school, and received passing grades in teachers’ exams.  Of course, this was not a […]

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Remembering Is My Livelihood

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 High Plains Trains Brett’s Story As a boy, coarse wheat fibers and tender corn silk in July were the threads which wove together the quilt that was my world. My playmates were weary and stoic cottonwoods, their arms apathetic even as I embraced them readily, and with love. Mine was the azure, and the gold, […]

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Missouri River Poem: Summer Shadows (detail)

Photography Is My Livelihood


Missouri River Poem: Summer Shadows (detail) This is a re-blog of this post originally published on May 6, 2013 Pat’s Story An early definition of livelihood is “the quality or state of being lively.” When I am taking photographs in the hilly pastures of my family’s property in northeast Nebraska, I see the soft forms of the […]

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Aspiring To A Livelihood

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  Oliver’s Story We live in exciting times. I watch the changing Nebraska environment and ambience and relish its growing complexity. On Thursday March 12, 2015 we had to choose between a Georgia O’Keeffe lecture at the Joslyn, a lecture on kimonos at the KANEKO and a potluck at Gallery 72 feting father and son […]

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Art History Education Is My Livelihood

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Amy’s Story I couldn’t be more thrilled with the direction of my career at the moment! I came to the University of Nebraska at Omaha three years ago as the Renaissance/Baroque art historian. Recently, I received tenure and became the Acting Coordinator for Art & Art History. In March I will journey to Berlin for […]

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Art, Education, and Music Are My Livelihoods

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King of the Hill 2014 10 X 12 inches oil on linen Byron’s Story I am an artist, educator, and musician.  I am also a lifelong producer of creative content.  Education is my vocation.  My livelihood comes from my training and aptitude as a teacher.

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Theatre Directing Is My Livelihood


The Drowsy Chaperone at Omaha Community Playhouse.  Photo by  Christian Robertson Hilary’s Story   The word “livelihood” comes from a combination of two Old English words that translate to “life” + “course.” My lifecourse centers around theatre and the use of creative imagination.

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